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Image Fujitsu ASU7RLF1

Fujitsu Dual Zone Heat Pump System 7+7 - Wall Mounted

Compatible Controls




The Aidoo Fujitsu adapter is a Wi-Fi interface that allows for indoor units to be managed and integrated remotely from the cloud through the Airzone Aidoo app and features a port for intergration via the Modbus protocol. The app allows for online control of single or several indoor units provided each unit has an adapter and is externally powered by the indoor unit while also offering a dual Wi-Fi connection.




Wired Remote Controller used to provide control and additional functionality for Fujitsu Mini Split Indoor Units. The remote may operate a single compatible wall mounted unit, or it may be daisy-chained to multiple compatible compact ceiling cassette or concealed duct units to provide identical settings for multiple zones.




Fujitsu UTY-RSNUM Simple Wired Remote Controller is used in cooling and heating applications of zones that frequently change. Compatible with most wall mounted, ducted, small cassette, and floor-mounted models. A number of indoor units can be operated at the same time using a single remote controller as well as when connected for dual remote controllers(Option is not available for wall-mounted type indoor unit.)